Deux critiques élèves sur "les Trois Soeurs"

Ci-dessous, deux critiques en Anglais de "Les Trois Sœurs" d’après Anton Tchekhov, un spectacle de Simon Stone. Pièce jouée au théâtre de l'Odéon du 10 novembre au 22 décembre 2018.

The Three Sisters is a play that tells the daily life of a family. The setting was contemporary and very different from what we usually see because on stage, we observed a rotating house which allowed us to directly observe the foreground actions but also the background actions.
The story revolves around three sisters, one who is married but we see that during her life, she has a relationship with another man who is also married, it is Macha. Olga is single and finally there is Irina. Throughout the story, the three women remain united, they often meet with their family especially during Christmas.
The playwright deals with two main themes: love and life (family and personal).
I really liked this play because it was modern, the staging was impressive because it looked like reality, a house with windows, it made me laugh too, the actors were energetic, there was a cohesion in the plot. Many events keep the audience on tenterhooks, it is also as tragic as the death of a character in the bathroom. Each character had his own personality and nature, so the audience could identify with them. However, I was disappointed because many actions were repeated during the play, which became slightly boring. 
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My opinion on the play The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov:
I really appreciated the play The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov. The setting was quite impressing indeed, there was a house which could rotate on itself and thus it provided the audience with different points of view of the latter without a break. The house’s structure was ingenious as the actors didn’t have to change the set many times and they were able to switch from a room to another one without leaving the stage. Thus they constantly kept the audience’s gaze. Furthermore, we could see all the family members changing and evolving through the play and we literally got involved in the privacy of this family. The three sisters had different tempers either good or bad: Olga, the eldest one, seemed to rule the house, Macha was cheating on her husband and last but not least Irina, the youngest one. The end was quite shocking and was not expected by the audience. I would say that this play is a real success.
 Friday, January 12th, 2018
Larissa, Patrick
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